Android Apps

 Listed are some Android apps we recommend for individuals with special needs.


Voice4U is “revolutionary AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) application that helps individuals express their feelings, thoughts, actions, and needs.”  It is a possible solution for individuals with communication issues.  A few examples of people who may benefit from this app include those with autism, stroke, language barrier, traumatic brain injury and more.

Voice4U features:

  • Over 170 icons consisting of pictures with corresponding words.
    • The icons are included with easy-to-listen audios.
  • Simple interface makes it easy to find and navigate.
  • Users can decide to arrange icons alphabetically, or by genres (e.g. greetings, actions/feelings, etc.)
  • Customization options available: users can create their very own icons with own pictures and voice.


The LetMeTalk app can turn one’s Android phone or tablet into an AAC device.  According to its description on Google Play, “LetMeTalk is a free AAC talker app for Android which supports communication in all areas of life and therefore providing a voice to everyone.”  The LetMeTalk image database contains more than 9,000 simple images from ARASAAC.

LetMeTalk features:

  • Unlimited creation of new categories and adding new images
  • Designed especially for children with autism
  • Voice support for images and sentences
  • Load/save several profiles on your device and easily switch between them


JABtalk is another example of a free speech communication app.  It was initially designed as a communication tool for children with special needs, but has evolved into a tool used by stroke patients, toddlers, speech-language pathologists and more.  “By combining personalized voice and images with an extremely simple interface, JABtalk delivers a speech solution that is both fun to use and easy to learn.”

JABtalk features:

  • Navigation designed to be intuitive for toddlers
  • Build sentences from words
  • Heptic feedback when pressing a word or category for immediate physical feedback
  • Ability to capture and import your own pictures and audio

AAC Speech CommunicatorAAC Speech Communicator

A generic, easy-to-learn communication tool for anyone with speech disabilities, which forms grammatically correct sentences when a series of pictograms are clicked and then speaks them aloud (text-to-speech). Because of the pictograms, this tool is especially good for children or those who have limited reading and writing abilities.

It is different from most existing products by being free and by its natural language generation with features such as inflection, tenses, using the user's gender (via settings) to alter the first-person sentences and more.

Also, my friends have found using this application to be a fun way to learn basics of new language. 🙂

The application includes 1000+ icons, categorised and accessible through search. It supports French pretty well, and there is a prototype for English.

Other features include:

  • recent pictograms (each category has a tab listing most recently used ones)
  • icons tagged with the 6 SPC colors (actions, names, descriptives etc.) for easier identification
  • option to display text in capital letters
  • option to softly speak each individual word when icon is pressed
  • compatibility with both tablets and mobile phones

Memory TrainerMemory Trainer

Memory Trainer is a free, game-like app that helps provide mental exercise to improve memory.  The app is specifically designed to work on one’s spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills and more.  It also includes graphical progress so users can keep track of their status as training goes on!

According to multiple studies, better memory can improve one’s overall focus, problem-solving, and multitasking skills. It also helps control all types of distractions and keep impulses in check.