Education & Training

ATU helps community organizations, government entities, schools, geriatric, and healthcare facilities identify gaps in customer/client services. Once complete, ATU custom designs training that addresses those specific needs, providing a greater understanding of diverse client populations. Entities that serve older clients often deal with individuals who have a high incidence of hearing loss. ATU gladly provides information and training that will enable participants to improve client satisfaction as well as access to programs and services. Below are a few of the most requested workshops. Call us to schedule on-site training for your staff.

“My Child Has A Disability—Now What?” (Support Group)

This is a support group for parents,  family, care givers and advocates.  We will provide child care while you attend the group.

Parents are on the forefront as advocates for their child(dren) with Disabilities. This training is to help parents and advocates begin their journey. This support group will provide basic information about coping with your child’s disability, understanding your child’s rights—the laws that support and protect them, and navigating through the educational process.

Date: Every 2nd Saturday of each month.
Next: 1/12/19
Charge: No Fee

“Sensitivity Training and Disability Etiquette”

This informative training addresses proper protocols when referring to and accommodating people with with disabilities. It also addresses common myths and stereotypes.

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

(For senior groups and facilities) This program is designed to provide coping skills, enhance independent living, reduce communication barriers, and reduce isolation. Typically it is for groups of seniors who are 60 and older.

“Avoid the costly mistake—I Didn’t Know.”

(Both for providers and caretakers) Often service providers are unaware of their legal obligations for accommodating people with disabilities. Once complaints and legal allegations begin, staff usually  become more aware of their legal responsibilities to accommodate patients/clients. Typically, the most common response is “I Didn’t Know.” ATU designed this staff  training for entities who provide services to the general population, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. This training teaches participants how to accommodate patients and clients with Disabilities

“Let’s Talk—Conversational Sign Language for Everyone!”

This is a 6 week (2 hr. week) fun filled basic sign language class.  The vocabulary is  designed for the entire family (adults and children). It is routinely modified for child care center, community organizations, and churches.