STAP - Specialized Telecommunications Assistive Program

Is Using the Telephone a Problem for You?

If you are a Texas resident with a disability that interferes with using the telephone, we can help. The telephone is a social connection, a link to family, friends. and workplace, even a lifeline when needed. The Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (S.T.A.P.) offers assistance that might benefit you if you have a disability that makes using a telephone difficult or impossible.

The Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) through S.T.A.P  provides a voucher to eligible individuals. That voucher may be exchanged for specialized telephone equipment.

S.T.A.P. is a joint service of the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and the Public Utility Commission of Texas. 

What are the qualifications for S.T.A.P.?

  1. Individuals must be a Texas resident, and
  2. Have a disability or condition that limits ability to access the telephone.

How do I receive S.T.A.P. services?

All applicants must be assessed and qualified by a State approved Certifier.

 We can assist you through the process.

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Receiving STAP Services